an official student organization of Texas A&M University


Emily Dahlander ‘20
Dallas, TX
Education: Education Major

What are you passionate about? 

I am passionate about people and realizing the gifts that make each of us unique. I enjoy getting to know people and what has led them to where they are today. We have each gone through different challenges and successes that have led us to where we are today. Getting to know what matters to people is one of the coolest opportunities we have.

What do you love about Tell Your Story?

My favorite part of Tell Your Story is the opportunity that it presents for students on Texas A&m's campus. It is so easy to feel like just another number on the student enrollment sheet, but we have the opportunity to change that. Everyone has a unique skill set that has led them to the point where they are today. Being a part of Tell Your Story allows students to get to challenge each other to pursue what is important in their life. The people in this organization love and challenge people so well, and for that, I am forever grateful.


Andrew Davis ‘20
Austin, TX
Education: Civil Engineering Major

What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about spending time with my friends, being outdoors, and Fightin’ Texas Aggie Football.  

What do you love about Tell Your Story?: 

The thing I love most about Tell Your Story is the value it places on learning from others


Madison Cashion ‘19
College Station , TX
Education:  University Studies with a Dance Concentration

What are you passionate about?

A simple list of my passions include coffee, personality quizzes, dancing, teaching high school girls dance, reading and spending time with the people who inspire me to be better. Overall, I am passionate about people.  I am passionate about learning what makes other people excited about life.  I am passionate about making sure that I leave each person I come into contact with knowing that they are loved and important.  When we simply set aside our time for others, we can create a life with purpose.  

  What do you love about Tell Your Story? 

I love Tell Your Story because we recognize the importance of listening and learning from others.  College is a huge time of growth.  These are the years that truly mold, shape and formalize us as individuals.  We can learn immensely from those before us in our community here at Texas A&M.  In Tell Your Story, we foster this mindset of actively seeking out the advice and expertise of others so that we can in turn, live out our dreams and passions to the fullest.