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Clayton Christopher
Founding Partner of Sweet Leaf Tea

After attempts at competitive cycling and captaining charter boats, Clayton had the dream to run his own company. An Alabama businessman who brewed and bottled tea inspired him to brew and sell the best tasting tea in the world. He co-founded Sweet Leaf Tea with his lifelong friend David Smith. The operation started out small with tea being brewed with pillowcases as tea bags. Now his teas are marketed through major chains around the world. Clayton uses his success as a means to give back to his favorite charities such as Big Brothers Big Sisters and the Susan G. Komen Foundation. 


Paul Cardall
Award-winning Pianist, Producer, and Lecturer

Born with a debilitating heart condition, Paul has experienced great adversity throughout his life. He found great comfort in music as a teenager, and great success in that pursuit. Paul has recorded twelve albums and founded Stone Angie Music, a record label hinged upon music that "uplifts, inspires, and enriches the human soul". In 2010, he published Before My Heart Stops: A Memoir, in which Paul documents his uphill battle to overcome his heart illnesses and find life all over again. Paul shared some of these triumphal stories as well as his incredible music at the forum.


Craig James
ESPN College Footbal Analyst & Anchor

James is an icon in the college football realm for many reasons. As a player, he joined forces with Eric Dickerson at SMU as one of the two great running backs that comprised the "Pony Express". In the NFL, James played five seasons with the New England Patriots and was named Offensive Player of the Year in 1985. Since his career as a player, he has worked with a number of sports broadcasting networks, most notably his current position as a college football analyst for ESPN. Craig James has done a great deal both on and off the field and shared his dream behind it all at the forum.