an official student organization of Texas A&M University


Ryan Antonioli '20

Plano, TX
Education: Finance Major

What are you passionate about?: 

I am passionate about friends and family.  They drive me to be the best person I can be in every aspect of life, while I try my best to do the same for them.  Motivating at any time possible and helping through hard times.  My desire for my family and friends to strive to achieve their wildest dreams came from my last year being a part of Tell Your Story’s host program.

What do you love about Tell Your Story?:  

I love Tell Your Story Leadership Forum because it drives students to follow their dreams.   Many students in college are not pushed to follow their dreams or are following the directions of their parents, but not following their own passions.  Tell Your Story Leadership Forum inspires students to find their passions and inspire them that nothing is impossible if you put your heart behind it.  Last but not least I love the people you are able to meet through Tell Your Story, both the friends I made in the Host Program and the incredible speakers at meetings and forum.


Andrew Davis ‘20
Austin, TX
Education: Civil Engineering Major

What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about spending time with my friends, being outdoors, and Fightin’ Texas Aggie Football.  

What do you love about Tell Your Story?: 

The thing I love most about Tell Your Story is the value it places on learning from others


Emily Dahlander '20

Assistant Director
Dallas, TX
Education: Human Resource Development

What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about people and realizing the gifts that make each of us unique. I enjoy getting to know people and what has led them to where they are today. We have each gone through different challenges and successes that have led us to where we are today. Getting to know what matters to people is one of the coolest opportunities we have.

What do you love about Tell Your Story?

My favorite part of Tell Your Story is the opportunity that it presents for students on Texas A&m's campus. It is so easy to feel like just another number on the student enrollment sheet, but we have the opportunity to change that. Everyone has a unique skill set that has led them to the point where they are today. Being a part of Tell Your Story allows students to get to challenge each other to pursue what is important in their life. The people in this organization love and challenge people so well, and for that, I am forever grateful.


Caroline Wagstaff '20
Assistant Director
Abilene, TX
Education: Industrial Distribution Major

What are you passionate about? 

Plain and simple, I’m most passionate about stories. Whether they’re expressed through movies, books, art, or conversation. Stories are a gift, teaching the world of compassion, sorrow, empathy and love. I believe that loving books as a child taught me to put myself into the story, to feel their pain and joy, to grow with them. It’s given me so much insight as to others’ lives as well as given me many role models to look up to. After hearing so many I’m always eager to express my own, constantly painting or writing or, most commonly, talking to anyone and everyone.

What do you love about Tell Your Story? 

Besides speaking directly to my personal passions, Tell Your Story has given me a community I’m extremely grateful for. Diverse, encouraging, and unconditionally caring, the people I’ve gotten to know here are the reasons why these meetings are the highlight of my week.