an official student organization of Texas A&M University


Emily Wood β€˜20
Co-Executive of Hosts Program
Plano, TX
Education: Management Information Systems

What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about the mundane moments in life. These little details with friends and family breed the most fulfilling memories. Whether it’s laughing with friends over something random that happened throughout the day, or crying over a silly movie. I am passionate about seeking out these seemingly small moments and turning them into something more.

What do you love about Tell Your Story?

I love tell your story because it brings together a variety of people, all with unique traits and passions. You learn so much not only from the speakers, but from the hosts themselves. These past 2 years I have had a front row seat to how this organization can develop friendships and spur on individual passions. The people are truly what make this organization so great.