an official student organization of Texas A&M University


Annika Moreno '19
Executive of Finance
Lake Jackson, TX
Education: English Major

What are you passionate about?

Oh man could I tell ya!! I am passionate about my faith, adobe illustrator, hiking, the gym, creative writing, corny dad jokes, tasteful sarcasm and most of all community. I truly believe that strong and intentional community will change the world. Community has the ability to make people feel welcomed and desired. Community brings me genuine joy through belly laughs, intentional conversations, a call to greatness through excellence and much more. Through the community I have here at A&M and within Tell Your Story, my life and the lives of others have been radically transformed through true authentic friendships.

What do you love about Tell Your Story?  

Tell Your Story is an incredible organization that has changed my way of thinking and my life. It dares it’s members to be themselves and pursue what they love. In general meetings and the forum we hear about people’s passions and trials. Listening to these speakers has pushed me out of my comfort zone of thinking. I think organizations like Tell Your Story are vital on a college campus to remind all of us that we do not have to be a certain person, have a particular major, fit into a mold or think a certain way. This organization recognizes student as individuals and helps them continually search, dream and pursue their passions.


Ashlyn Boone '19
Executive of Finance
Houston, TX
Education: Accounting Major

What are you passionate about? 

I am passionate about pouring into the people and things I love, about cultivating relationships, about reminding people of their importance and value to the community around them. Who I am today has been shaped by the vulnerability of others when opening up about their own experiences, and I love being able to possibly make that impact on others. 

What do you love about Tell Your Story?  

I joined Tell Your Story after attending the Forum my sophomore year -- the inspiration I felt and heard from the speakers about pursuing their own individual passions sparked a fire in me to be a part of what Tell Your Story was doing on A&M's campus. Tell Your Story is different in its ability to pour into each individual member, while also pouring into the community at Texas A&M. This organization is comprised of unique, driven, and passionate people, and getting to know them and watch them pursue what they love has been such a blessing in my college career.