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Our Mission Statement:

The Tell Your Story Leadership Forum at Texas A&M University exists to aid students in recognizing their own passions and ambitions through a one-night forum. A select panel of speakers, comprised of individuals who have overcome adversity to realize their goals, empowers students to pursue their passions. These speakers, by telling the stories of their successes and failures, encourage students to realize their own ambitions. This self-awareness is sure to impact Texas A&M University student body.

How Tell Your Story Began...

The Tell Your Story Leadership Forum was founded by Paige Smiley-Robinson in 2010. The seeds of Paige's dreams for the forum were first planted at a leadership conference she attended her freshman year. While a student at Texas A&M, Paige was lucky enough to experience more than her share of our university's top notch leadership opportunities, and it was only because of these opportunities, Paige would say, that she realized the importance of growing a dream. Throughout her time as an Aggie, she heard story after story of people who were committed to chasing their passions, and when these people hadn't found love in their first jobs, they simply kept looking. They kept looking until they found a career that made them jump out of bed in the morning. Many of these former students had even carved out their careers themselves, growing their dreams from scratch. 

Paige's realization, that she was not only able to chase her dreams, but that her dreams were worth chasing, changed her perspective forever. The staff members of the Tell Your Story Leadership Forum want the same experience for every student at Texas A&M University, so we're doing the best we can to build a forum for speakers who will spark creativity and incite passion. The dreams of students - your dreams - are worth chasing.

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