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2017 Speakers


Clayton Anderson

Achieving the dream of every child, Clayton Anderson has lived in space for 167 days total. After being accepted to the NASA Astronaut program after 15 applications, he was elected to serve on 3 space shuttle missions and the International Space Station. Known for his fun loving personality, he currently holds the top spots for Popular Science's best 'astronaut selfies.'


Sam Brown

Sam Brown’s life has been defined by selfless service. When deployed to Afghanistan after graduating at the top of his class from West Point, Sam's vehicle was hit by an IED. Suffering third degree burns to thirty percent of his body, his life was forever changed. At this turning point, Sam responded in a way a lot of people wouldn't. He is an advocate for Veterans across America, has run for political office and has an incredible story of forgiveness.


Tara Storch

Tara Storch is first and foremost a wife and mom. Including her daughter Taylor, she is mother to son Ryan (Class of 2021), and daughter Peyton.
Opening up about her journey of finding hope and purpose after the loss of her daughter Taylor, she speaks publicly about the importance of organ donation across the nation and the powerful “Outlive Yourself” message. As Co-Founder of Taylor’s Gift Foundation, she utilizes her experience as a marketing professional, award-winning author and community leader to make an impact on the world around her.